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A sleek, modern black backpack stands upright showing a front view. It's made of durable nylon with black leather accents and trim. The backpack a wat nicely with the black color. This is a stylish yet functional everyday backpack suitable for school, work, travel and more.

Hustler Backpack

Innovator Backpack

Innovator Backpack

Fanacci Temper Black Jacket collar design down coat and knit cuffs for  winter  jacket. he Active Puffer Jacket has a sporty yet refined look, seeming functional for everyday wear. The premium, waterproof and windproof fabric would make it an ideal semi-casual travel piece able to withstand weather conditions.

Temper Jacket

FANACCI Voyager Back Carry 3 ways waterproof backpack, shoulder bag and duffle

VOYAGER 3-in-1 Bag