Our Mission

FANACCI is a lifestyle technology brand. Our Tagline is AUGMENTED LIFESTYLE refers to our mission of improving the performance and lifestyle of modern dynamic individuals, by making thoughtfully engineered wearable products.

We seek to reinvent the way we think, feel and interact with the things we wear.

Our ultimate vision is to augment humans through wearable; and we seek achieve it by developing an ecosystem of wearable products.

fanacci ecosystem wheel

We want to bring our identity of taking a scientific and thoughtful engineering approach to a panoply of wearable products, starting with clothing.



Our Story

FANACCI was initially founded in Mauritius in 2020 as a high-tech workwear brand. We released our first clothing collection named “Designed to Empower” in the same year and our second collection “Taking over the city” in 2021; both during the Covid-19 pandemic.


In order to accelerate towards our vision of building an ecosystem of wearables as technology company, we decided to move the company to London, United Kingdom, in late 2021 to leverage the city’s wealth of technology and start-up know-how.



Who do we cater for? Who are dynamic individuals

The FANACCI brand was created for people who are busy getting busy; the change-agents, the world-beaters, the leaders; Those who are motivated to achieve greater things.  We exist for them. Our brand essence is to inspire and empower them to achieve their purpose.

This group of people live a busy multifaceted lifestyle, working, exercising and playing hard. We aim to develop products to cater to and improve that lifestyle.



The Founders


Dr Farhaan Essoof

Farhaan is the Chief Vision Officer of FANACCI. He has been involved from quite young, in several aspects of his fashion family business, including product development, sourcing, merchandising, marketing and sales.

He holds a medical degree from the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) with an intercalated Certificate in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship from TechInnovate. After training as a medical doctor, he worked at the University College Dublin in life sciences technology transfer, where he also led the Clinical Innovation Programme.

Farhaan seeks to leverage his knowledges in the fields of fashion, human physiology, technology commercialisation, and health-tech to develop the FANACCI vision.




Jinaan Essoof

Jinaan the Creative Marketing Director of FANACCI. She has over 5 years of experience in fashion online marketing, including content development and planning. Jinaan has directed numerous fashion campaigns in Africa and the UK.

She holds a certificate in entrepreneurship from Babson College and Certificates in Creative Direction, Fashion Design and Fashion Manufacturing from the University of Arts London (UAL). She is currently a PowerMBA (Digital marketing) candidate. Jinaan has directed over tens of fashion shoots in Africa and the UK.