FANACCI launches the Clothing Line [1] on Kickstarter

FANACCI launches the Clothing Line [1] on Kickstarter

FANACCI is pleased to announce the pre-order campaign of our fashion-tech Clothing Line [1], today January 18th, 2022 on Kickstarter.


The collection is a set of thoughtfully engineered workwear essentials that have been augmented with 24+ technologies and functionalities, to allow maximum comfort, movement and versatility- Perfect for the new generation of professionals. The FANACCI ‘Clothing Line [1]’, is inspired by everyday essential workwear, merged with activewear technology and functionalities, and includes:

• The VOYAGER Suit

Sleek look of a suit but feels of a hoodie set.


• The ACTIONER Blazer

Power blazer-jacket hybrid- easy to just throw on the go.



A cool shirt/overshirt, designed for the busiest days.


• The EXPLORER Trousers

Every-day comfort trousers that transforms into joggers.


• The RECHARGER T-shirt:

The perfect T-shirt.


Each of the product of the Clothing Line [1] is fully versatile in styling, accessibility, storage, function, occasion, and season – making them ideal for all to wear to work, commuting, relaxing, exercising, and more.


“All of the features incorporated into our products are geared towards our mission of improving the performance and lifestyle of modern dynamic individuals- people who live a busy multifaceted lifestyle: working, exercising, socialising, etc. We made one collection do it all in”, says Co-founder and CEO, Dr. Farhaan Essoof.

“FANACCI was born out of a personal pain point of mine, as I could not find a clothing brand which I could identify with. I enjoy technology products which have been properly designed to create a amazing user-experience, and that accommodate my busy lifestyle”.

The Technology

The fabric

The capsule collection was developed over many months by clothing experts, designers, and companies around the world using material science and engineering principles. It boasts a variety of technical features based on FANACCI’s innovative ‘SuperMultiFlex’ fabric concept, which blends up to six fabric fibres, to make the products super-soft, lightweight, stretchable, wrinkle-resistant, anti-pill, antimicrobial/odor-resistant, moisture-wicking, stain-resistant and thermoregulatory

Constructions and Mechanisms

To further improve the wearing experience, other constructions and mechanisms, such as pant-to-jogger mechanism, customizable collars, dynamic drawstrings, adjustable waist snaps, and other small and precise ‘easter egg’ details to be discovered by the wearers were added to the products.


The Kickstarter campaign and special promotions

All five products in the FANACCI Clothing Line [1] are available in multiple colours and consumers will have their choice of pre-ordering from January 18th 2022 – March 1st 2022. The 5 products are worth £1085 ($1465) and during their Kickstarter campaign the Entire collection can be pre-ordered starting at £488 ($659).

Other pledge levels are as follows, with up to 55% off the entire collection for Super Early Bird pre-orders.

For more information visit FANACCI on Kickstarter or at