Let’s talk about your why and how you can find it. Most people have a vague idea of their purpose. Sometimes it differs for different areas of our lives. It can be a tough decision to choose a career path, change it or even go against societal pressures to go for your passion. Some people spend years in their positions only to realise they are not passionate about what they do.


If you are at the beginning of your career you might think why find your purpose? It encompasses from why you want to wake up in the morning and get dressed and from where you take your drive and motivation. Finding your purpose is the key to living a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.

A famous way on how to find your purpose is a Japanese concept called Ikigai, you can learn more here, which translates to “ reason for being”.

The Ikigai method asks you 4 questions:


  1. What do you love/ your passion(s) ?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What can you be paid for/ your profession?
  4. What does the world need/ how can the world profit?


Journal about this. Once you’ve answered all these prompts, see where they can relate, intersect or maybe sprout new ideas. The key here is to to be able to ask yourself the right questions, take a good amount of time to reflect and write them down. There’s no right or wrong answers to finding your true path.


A great book to explore on this topic  The Art of Work by Jeff Goins 

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