Valentine's Day is about spreading love. Of course, there’s always chocolate and flowers, but why not set your sights on a gift for your loved one, that will make this Valentine truly unique?

Whether for him or for her, our accessories are designed and crafted to be stylish, elegant and of superior quality while being affordably priced.

The FANACCI accessories are carefully packaged in an elegant gift box. They make the perfect gift because the awe of your significant other will always leave a lasting impression and you will be seen as the most romantic partner. Your loved one will always remember you through wearing it and how it felt to receive - It will be there to tell your story.


“You may have the gift of giving”  Charles Stanley


Our accessories collection will definitely sublime your FANACCI wardrobe and we are sure you will not have enough of them!

Here’s a plethora of presents for women and men; you're sure to find something to brighten their day.



1. Couple Matching Bracelet- The Charlie Bracelet 

This versatile bracelet comes in black for man and rose gold for Women. Forged in Stainless Steel, the modern lines of this piece converge in an asymmetric shape, accentuated by a round Zirconium Stone



1. A tie that stands out- The Fabien Tie


The Fabien Tie is handcrafted from cotton into a soft to the touch piece whose royal blue color is brought out by the burgundy threads of the pattern. Ties are ideal to elevate daily work looks it sure will be used over and over again by it’s potential owner.

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2. Men braided metal bracelet - The Malcolm Bracelet


Men Accessories matter as well, so invest in the best. The Malcolm Bracelet will add a metal edge to your significant other’s outfit. It is composed of hexagonal charms braided together. Comes in Space grey and Blue options. The bracelets are an exclusivity of FANACCI so you’ll be sure to get him something one of a kind that will mean a lot coming from you.

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2. Men Belt- The Ivar Belt 


A premium leather belt is a great gift idea. The textured authentic leather and modern rectangular buckle will be sure to captivate attention and be a staple in your loved one’s wardrobe.

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1. Give her your heart- The Agata Bracelet 


A fitting gift for the occasion and perfect for you to declare your love or reaffirm it.

The Agata bracelet is composed of several hearts, each filled with a Zirconium stone.

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2. A Swarovski necklace- The Blenda Necklace


Our Swarovski necklaces are quite popular with women; they are classy, versatile and simply beautiful. Watch her eyes glimmer while unboxing this gift from you.

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3. Accent pieces: Earrings- The Laura Earrings


For the bold, fiery women in your life, give her something as unique as her. The Laura Earrings are a high impact, statement piece that will be sure to represent the love you hold.

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Here's to you making the most out of this valentine's day